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    rock bottom

    it’s the kidz bop version of thrift shop


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  5. if you ever feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, remember that it is not past 1 am and you are not watching impossibly stupid sprite videos while barely restraining unironic hysterical laughter


  7. whgat have i become

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    I met the best Sal cosplayer at AX! They were super nice and were really in character!

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  9. bruhkomaeda:

    gundam groomed komaeda and

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  10. Anonymous said: Yami Yugi from yg0 (season 0)


    Well, this is pretty unique. Hmmm

    I think Yami Yugi would be nonbinary, leaning vaguely male. You don’t live that long as a disembodied spirit bound to an ancient artifact and feel a strong attachment to gender, I think.

    Also, he’s sexually attracted to games.

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