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  3. dotterall:

    SO many AFAB agender domestic cats with preference for they/them pronouns: Like, that’s such a specific minority but I’ve seen like five of them today. What’s the connection?

    it’s an evil plot by vaginas everywhere. we rise

    also who are these other ones I might want to talk to them


  4. sometimes I remember that there are komanomi r-18 doujins and I cry inside a little

  5. nayanami:

    Went to FanExpo on Friday, had lots of fun! My fiance (finally living in Canada as well!!!) took some pics of my Rei Ayanami cosplay!

    The dress is originally from 2004, and I first wore Rei at 2008, but changed almost everything from that time, new wig, new contacts, new shoes and shirt as well. I can finally say I’m happy with this cosplay! ♥

  6. clairnovak:

    a child’s crusade


  7. I’m going to be one of those creepy otaku with a shrine of rei figures, aren’t I


  8. I was convinced that playing sdr2 with the dub voices would cure me of my thirst, but I am adjusting to bryce papenbrook. There is no hope

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  10. dollstowishfor:

    18cm Plastic Moon - “Mr Kitty" (pre-order) October 20 ~ 30

    Mr Kitty is cast in white skin resin and comes with 3 face-plates, special eyes and magnetic cat ears and tail

    • Additional Options: face-up (A or B with optional cheek swirls and freckles) and body blushing (black, silver or natural nails)